3 Top Techniques For Carpet Binding

Published: 17th March 2011
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Carpets tend to get shredded from the edges. Therefore, by binding the edges, you are able to save those from getting rugged and damaged easily. Today, there are different carpet binding techniques for the purpose. However, your choice of technique would depend upon the availability of time, money, and the fabric of the rug. The most common way to bind the rugs is to use a carpet binder machine. It is a fast, convenient, and easy process. There are people who like to bind the rugs by the hand-sewn technique. There are some who use the convenient instant binding method. Following is a short discussion on the 3 top techniques of carpet binding:

Binding Machine: If you need to bind a thick and heavy rug, a carpet binder machine is perfect for the purpose. These machines are basically heavy duty sewing machines that allow wide binding tapes to be attached to the thick rug. Some of the carpet binders even have automatic mechanism or a feed roller system that push the rug through the stitching process. You can also buy a foot-controlled sewing machine for binding the rugs. In this technique the tape is folded over the edges of the rug and stitched into place. Folder attachments in a carpet binder allow the tape to get folded over the edges of the rug neatly.

Hand Sewing Method: This method is generally used for binding rugs that are softer in quality. If the rug is made up of a fabric that needs a gentler approach, you need to sew the fabric by hand. You need to get scissors, thread and needles to bind the corners of a rag. Unlike a carpet binder machine, the tape used in binding the carpets by hand is of softer variety. However, it is often a time consuming process.

Instant Binding Tape: If you cannot give much time to carpet binding, you can opt for the instant binding tapes. This technique is convenient as it requires no stitching. This carpet binding unit comprises a pipe and a sticky tape. If you are mending a rug that has shredded from the corners, you can just cut the edges of the rug with a scissor and stick a carpet binder tape along the sides.

Whether you use a rug binding machine, use needles, or use an instant binding tape, you need to buy essential carpet tools required for each of the method, firstly. Do you want to buy a carpet binder machine? Contact with an online wholesaler like Tools For Floors for buying flooring tools and accessories at reasonable rates.

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