How To Choose The Best SHOUTcast Hosting Service

Published: 27th May 2011
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Running a SHOUTcast web radio station can be a great way of circulating music that you have created over the internet. Alternatively, if you simply wish to host a talk show of your own for the world to listen to, even then having a SHOUTcast station would be great for you. However, while setting up a SHOUTcast station may be easy, keeping it online round the clock is an altogether different story. You would need considerable amount of bandwidth to ensure stutter-free streaming, and enough space on the hard disk to store all the large audio files. And the best way to do this with minimal hassle is to find a SHOUTcast hosting service and let them take care of it.

However, finding the best SHOUTcast hosting service for your requirements is not going to be easy. There are too many SHOUTcast hosting service providers out there each advertising their services to be the best. Filtering out the perfect one for your requirements among them would be like finding a screw in a haystack. The following tips can speed up the process considerably though:

1. Search on the internet: This is probably the best way of finding the names of a lot of SHOUTcast hosting service providers at one go. As you search, keep building a list of names, which will come in handy later. This will make it easy to get to the second stage.

2. Start getting in touch with the providers: Now start calling up the providers of SHOUTcast hosting services, one by one. Alternatively, you may also visit their websites. Check out which kinds of hosting services they offer. See whether their fees are low enough to fit into your budget.

3. Ask for a free evaluation period: See if the SHOUTcast hosting service providers will allow you to try their service for at least a couple days, maybe for a few hours each day. Even that will give you a clear idea whether the provider has a stable enough connection to support your SHOUTcast channel.

4. Check for both SSH and FTP support: Make sure the provider can support both FTP and SSH protocols for transferring files. When you are uploading small audio files, SSH will get you by just fine. However, when you are uploading large files, FTP will help you get much better transfer speeds.

Finally, check how much the SHOUTcast hosting service is going to cost you. After all, you do not wish to be bankrupt over running a single radio channel, right? If that seems ok, then there is really no reason for you to look for another provider for the services.

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