Installation Checklist When You Hire Air Conditioning Contractors

Published: 10th August 2011
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Are you a proud owner of a new home in Kanawha County, WV? There are several matters of importance that need to be tended to especially when you are setting up your new home; installation of a new cooling and heating system is one of them. If you want optimum efficiency, safety as well as comfort from your cooling and heating system then itís very important to install it correctly. You can improve the performance of your system by 50% if you have it well installed. For this you will need to get in touch with an HVAC company and look for qualified air conditioning contractors.

For quality installation your air conditioning contractor needs to carry out the work in a particular manner fulfilling certain important criteria. Only if this is done can you be assured that the air conditioning contractor has installed the system correctly and you can expect it to give optimum performance. The points below will help you ensure quality installation is carried out:

* As a part of the standard bid the air conditioning contractors need to offer higher efficiency equipment.

* A specialist needs to verify if the system has been set up correctly. This needs to be a third party verification process. The refrigerant charge and systems airflow needs to be checked for accuracy.

* The air conditioning contractor needs to use matched components to replace the outdoor condensing unit. In doing so he must also replace the indoor evaporator coil.

* If you donít have a programmable thermostat the contractor will have one installed. He will check the refrigerant levels and see if they are all within the manufacturerís specification.

* Before any insulation is applied he will check all joints and duct seams, and use mastic to seal them. Tape should not be used.

* Dust leakage needs to be checked for both existing and new constructions.

* After the refrigerant line installation has set the air conditioning contractor must adjust the refrigerant charge. You need to ask him how much refrigerant he has removed or added.

* The outdoor unit or condenser must be at least 15 to 18 inches away from any external objects on all sides. It should not be placed under an overhang or deck.

* You must be in possession of all installation manuals once the job is done and make sure your contractor gives you a commissioned report that can be useful for future servicing or repair jobs.

To have your installation job done properly look for qualified air conditioning contractors. Kanawha County has several HVAC companies that offer installation, maintenance and service facilities.

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