Some Important Tools Used For Vinyl Welding

Published: 17th March 2011
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Most of the common people have the false notion that a vinyl welder is similar to a metal welder. Although they are meant to do the same thing, the process is completely different. Similar to a metal welder, a vinyl welder also has to create a strong bond in between the two pieces so that the end result is a sound and solid product.

There are numerous tools that are used as a welder to weld vinyl. Although their main aim is the same, the way they are used can at times differ. Some of them are:

* Fusion welding: These types of tools are mainly used in the manufacturing of frames especially for vinyl windows. First of all, heat is applied, with the help of a high temperature iron, on all the corners of the window frames. Then the pieces are quickly joined in order to strongly bond them with one another. Ultimately the pieces are left to cool down which results in a welded piece. One of the best uses of this tool is in the plumbing industry. PVC pipes are joined together, which in turn reduces the chances of leaks.

* Ultrasonic welding: In order to work this tool, electrical frequencies are used with the help of a metal welding tip. The frequencies are vibrated into vinyl which in turn helps the pieces to join together once the resonance becomes higher. Ultrasonic welding tool is mainly used in the medical line to make plastic pieces.

* Hot gas welding: In this tool a rod is used to weld the materials. It is quite similar to metal welding; however, the only difference is that the rod used is up made of plastic. As the name suggests, hot gas is transferred inside the tool in order to melt the plastic rod when it comes in close contact with the joint that is intended to be welded.

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