The ABC's Of Pool Coping

Published: 17th May 2011
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It is always fun to enjoy pool parties on weekends or taking a dip in the cool blue water of a private swimming pool after a hard day's work. Furthermore, it also adds value to your property. But, often people tend to overlook that edges of a water body can be dangerous and can result in slips and cuts. You should not ignore the importance of pool coping. It is basically a cap of cover for the rough edges to provide both an aesthetic appeal and safety to your loved ones. It is advised not to use the swimming pool before the coping is installed.

Types of pool coping

Following are some of the types of these wall covers:

1. The "bull nose" type is the most common. This type can be constructed from a wide variety of building materials. Bull nose type can thus be made to match the landscape of your lawn and the theme of your property. The structure is basically flat on top with rounded edges that meets the pool.

2. The "rough cut" type provides a rough edge to the pool. Although the rough cut pool coping is constructed with rough stones to create a country-side look, the stones are not dangerous to tread in. On the more, it provides a unique look to the property.

3. The "cantilever pool coping" basically extends over the pool. It provides a natural look to your property. It will match well with the landscape of your garden or lawn. However, it is more labor intensive to install such covers or caps.

4. Another type of coping is the "rolled edge". This type basically has a smooth, upturned edge, which is set above the deck. The rolled edge types also acts as a support that swimmers can hold onto while getting out of the pool.

Materials required for constructing pool coping

There are a wide range of materials that can be used for the construction of pool coping, from natural quarried stone to stamped and poured concrete. In addition to this, you can also use stone, cast concrete, and brick for the construction of the same. When it comes to stone, a few of the varieties comprise sandstone, marble, granite, limestone, travertine, and flagstone. You can also opt for natural stone caps or wall covers that can be sealed or left untreated. Some people also prefer to use porcelain tiles for constructing the edge covers.

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