The Branches Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Published: 18th March 2011
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Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dental practice that deals with improvement of appearance and functionality of an individual's teeth. Basically, it comprises of a whole new branch of dental procedures that enhances the aesthetics of the teeth. In this world full of people who are conscious of their looks, cosmetic dentistry is a significant technological branch and is pretty popular.

This article would deal with a few practices that come under the branch of cosmetic dentistry. Let us take a look.


These are synthetic wafer-like structures, usually made of porcelain. These are typically placed in the front of teeth to guard them against damage and thereby, enhance dental appearance. Veneers are known for drastically changing one's face-value. Veneers are also used to whiten teeth that are discolored. Chipped and defective teeth can also be treated with the help of veneers.


Some people put up with from terribly-stained teeth. They can go for tooth whitening practice. With the help of peroxide-based materials, cosmetic dentists can whiten your teeth like never before. Before you go for tooth-whitening, it is imperative for you to get your cavities and gums checked by an expert cosmetic dentist. Portland Oregon has many proficient cosmetic dentists.


Uneven and chipped teeth can be treated by the tooth-shaping technique. This method involves the removal of a small part of the tooth enamel, about 1-2 mm. Too-pointed teeth can be rounded off and too long teeth can be reduced with the adoption of this method.


Some people have wide gum line that makes their smile seem 'gummy'. They can even out their gum-line through the method of gum-lifts, i.e., Gingivectomy. This practice involves the removal of extra gum in order to make one's smile look pleasing.


Tooth reshaping is a set of processes that are utilized to correct chipped, cracked or crooked teeth. At times, these methods can substitute for braces in some cases. There are several types of procedures that help in contouring different types of teeth defects.

Cosmetic dentistry is altogether a wide branch of dental practice and only a professional cosmetic dentist can suggest the right treatment process for your case. It is absolutely necessary for you to check with a reputed cosmetic dental expert before undergoing a procedure of cosmetic dentistry. Portland, Oregon has some of the best cosmetic dentists who offer several types of services to enhance facial appearance.

You need to confer on a reputed dental center to avail services related to cosmetic dentistry Portland Oregon. Portland, Oregon citizens can contact TenderCare Dental for seeking expert cosmetic dental help.

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