Tips for Setting up A Bird Aviary

Published: 13th October 2009
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An aviary is not exactly a cage. It is an enclosed sanctuary that allows the birds to fly freely and interact with other birds. Birds prefer to flock together and enjoy the company of their own kind. Birds with similar temperaments and characteristics stay well in aviaries. Aviaries offer them a more natural environment with the freedom to fly. We see aviaries in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. Some people also set up aviaries in their backyards, gardens, or even inside their homes, if they have a large enough space for it. There are some basic instructions that you need to know before setting up a domestic aviary:

1.You need to understand that you are opting for an emotional, physical and financial commitment when you set up an aviary. This implies that the birds will have to be fed regularly, to be taken to the doctor when required, and they have to be given time.

2.You need to remember that the kind of birds you wish to keep in your aviary need to suit your home environment and your lifestyle. It is advisable that you talk to experts about the temperament and other characteristics of the birds. For instance if you stay in a small apartment then you will need smaller birds that can be taken care of easily at home. Large predatory or migratory birds are not an option for you in this case.

3.You will need to clean the aviary at regular intervals so that the birds stay healthy. In their natural habitat, the birds stay clean and healthy because of sunshine and rain. However, an aviary needs regular cleaning of the floor, the covering, and the food and water containers.

4.In order to keep your aviary clean, you will need newspaper or bird bedding, soft rags, mild soap, spray bottles, vinegar and household bleach. If you need to disinfect the aviary then you will need to relocate the birds to another spot so that the fumes do not harm the birds.

You will find aviaries of different sizes and types in the market. You should opt for the one that ensures you optimum use, durability, quality, easy maintenance and safety. You need to be well informed about the material, dimensions and other accessories offered in the package. Online stores give you information about the various designs, categories, and prices of bird aviaries. Have a clear understanding of the shipping policy, delivery policy, guarantee and exchange policy of the company. Make a well informed choice to give your birds a safe and pleasurable environment to live in.


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