Why employee background check is required

Published: 06th August 2010
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There was a news item about Accenture recently in which the company was sued by a former employee who said that it had discriminated against him after discovering a decade old conviction for felony in his records. This incident has sparked considerable debate over whether companies have the right to dismiss employees if it's discovered that they had a record of crime and conviction. Most business owners would probably nod to this, but the truth is that a crime in the distant past does not in any way prove that the person will commit another crime. So Accenture may have been quick to jump the gun. However if the same employee had been revealed to have been associated with a series of crimes over the years, some being nearer in terms of time, then the company would definitely have had something serious to worry about.

In spite of the ongoing debate over whether Accenture did the right thing by terminating an employee for a decade old conviction, most people would agree with reasons that drive companies to conduct employee background checks. Before taking in an employee they check past educational records, as well as conduct interviews to verify whether the person actually possesses personal qualities required for the position.

All this does not mean that employment background checks only focuses on checking out an applicant's criminal records. There are cases where certain applicants may forge their academic details or past work experiences to land up a promising job. A thorough employee background search would also ensure that various critical details provided by employees are true.

Background check of an employee can serve as one of the most important elements of the hiring process. Bad hiring does not only cause damage to the company but also creates distress among other employees. Most people would have terrible memories of working with someone who was not fit for the job and made life difficult for others. Although employee background check does not ensure that it will completely filter out unfit employees, it does make the screening process stronger.

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